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Laura's Daycare, Concord CA

Daycare photos

Here are some photos of the children as they participate in story time, music time, arts and crafts, as well as indoor and outdoor free-play.

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Laura's Daycare, Concord, CA

House tour 

Laura's Daycare is located in San Diego, CA in the  beautiful community of Del Sur. (These photos are of her last in home day care in Concord, CA. She recently relocated to San Diego and updated photos are coming soon.

Laura takes great pride in her home and makes sure that it is a clean and safe, baby and toddler-friendly environment, where children learn, laugh, play, and explore.

Laura's Daycare has a beautiful fully furnished nursery, along with Pack 'n Plays in different rooms, so that the babies and toddlers can sleep peacefully, without the interruptions of noise from each other.

> Take a house tour of Laura's Daycare 

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